Can I exchange a piece if the color doesn't blend with my set?

Certainly, send it back with a swatch of your desired color.  I will do my best to match it.  However, you are responsible for the cost of shipping.

Do you ship in USPS flat rate boxes?

Typically, I ship by the weight of your order.  I use custom size boxes in order to ensure the safe arrival of your pieces.  Unfortunately, the flat rate boxes do not accommodate this. 

How long does it take to fill my order?

We will fill and ship your order within a maximum of four weeks.

Do you take layaway?

At this time, my system is not set up for layaway.

Can I sign up for email notifications?

 Absolutely.  In fact, that is the only way to receive our notifications.  For your privacy, we do not share our lists with anyone.

Fill out the "Contact" form including your e-mail address.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Yes. Fill out the form for item 12-50, Gift Certificate. Include the name and address of the recipient. Add to your shopping cart. We will send to you or recipient by USPS within one week.

Can I come to the studio to select my pieces?

Yes, by appointment only.

Will you be adding new pieces?

Not this season.  I have no set timeline for that.  It happens when inspiration strikes.

Shipping Costs
Shipping and Handling
UNDER $20.00.......$ 4.99
       $ 20.01-$ 30.........$ 7.99
       $ 30.01-$ 50........$ 9.99
       $ 50.01-$100.......$14.99
       Over $200.01......$24.99
*Add $20.00 for EACH STABLE included in order.
For 2/3 day delivery add $10.00