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With Joy Nativities

Though trumpeted by Angels and heralded by Kings, the birth of Christ was simple, humble and full of joy.  It is in this same spirit that With Joy Nativities began its journey over twenty-nine years ago.

Before a piece is added to the collection, many prototypes are designed.  The process could take up to a year before the final selection is made by the artist, Kendell Smith.  Once chosen, the piece is meticulously hand-wrapped to be added into one-of-a-kind sets.  Each piece is signed and dated with the year it was registered with the Library of Congress, Office of Copyrights and each collector is provided a signed certificate of authentication.

Fleecy wraps of hand-spun and imported yarns sheathe the pine figures of Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus.  Wool-covered wooden donkeys, camels, cows, goats, sheep, oxen and lambs encircle the bunting-swaddled newborn, nestling in a cloud of wool and babies breath on pecan twigs.

Close-by, the shepherds, surrounded by sheep, stand and kneel in awe. A lamb is prancing at the feet of a stargazing shepherd gingerly holding a newborn lamb.  Our young kneeling drummer plays on a taut leather drum.  Representing the jewels of our collection, the Wisemen bear gifts of pyrite as the symbol of gold, real frankincense and myrrh, carried in arms embellished with gold thread cuffs.  While Angels hover nearby, a cedar stable shelters the Humble Child and an aromatic cedar star perches above to guide all in search of His birthplace.